United Methodist Women

Attention all Methodist Women!!
The First United Methodist Women are re-organizing their membership.   All Methodist women will be included in the UMW membership in one of two ways: Circle membershipand Affiliate membership
Circle Members are women who choose to belong to one of the two circles.
Morning - Mary Circle- 9 AM, 4th Tuesday - Fellowship Hall
Afternoon - Esther/Dorcas - 1:30 PM, 4th Tuesday-Houston House
Circle members study the various mission studies set by the conference UMW.  They are designed to educate women in the world, national and local affairs, and increase their Biblical understanding while the meetings provide a time for fellowship.
Circles members make a monetary pledge to missions, for the worldwide ministries with woman children and youth emphasis.   Mission money is also used for local Church and community missions.
Circles plan and enable the local activities of the Church and community,such as funeral dinners, receptions, May Breakfast, Mother/Daughter and Father/Son Banquets, visiting shut-ins and elderly, special dinners, etc. etc.
Affiliate Members
Affiliates are women organized to become a resource group for the various activities of the UMW.  Activity examples: funeral dinners, receptions, Bible School refreshments, M & M refreshments, and special projects involving the women of the church.  Affiliate members do not choose to (or are unable) to attend Circle meetings.
Affiliates will be organized with a caller to spread the message of what help is needed. Affiliate members may choose to make a pledge (a donation of money, the amount is up to the individual) to missions, which will be combined with the pledges from the Circles.  Mission money is used globally and locally as planned by the UMW Executive Board.
The newly organized women's groups will enable all of our women to be a part of our UMW Fellowship. The more members who work together, the more we can accomplish and the more each of us receive in return.                                                                                                                                                                       
Please let us know if you wish to be an affiliate member or a Circle member.
Thank you women for all your help.   UMW President, Suzanne Lary